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Nothing beats an in-person connection. Because the message of purpose & potential is relevant to everyone, these workshops & tours have been tailored to specific demographics and groups. 


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Piano & Purpose

Sharing my story of finding my purpose with the help of music, I incorporate classical pieces into a positive workshop to leave participants feeling more inspired because I believe that music has the power to motivate!  


School Tour

From classroom visits to school district assemblies, I'm ready to share my message with learners of all ages! I'd love to, especially, incorporate your school's current focus (bullying, studying, etc.) to tailor my message and best leave the students feeling purposeful and full of their potential. 

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Private Workshops

These private workshops focused on group efforts and planning organizationnal direction have served sports clubs, startups, and even senior homes. Tailored with a hands-on journaling approach, attendees will leave with a renewed sense of clarity and eagerness to go after their ultimate vision.

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